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The Right Clothes Do Matter: Empowerment From Head to Toe

It’s hard to put into words that amazing moment when you find the perfect outfit but you know the feeling. You look in the mirror and see a new you. You see yourself with a renewed sense of pride, self confidence and a “can do” attitude. The right outfit can transform the moment from an ensemble empowerment to self empowerment.

That is just what Poised For Success does for its clients. As a nonprofit social service agency, Poised For Success provides women beautiful interview and business appropriate attire for free, by way of an agency referral program. It is a supportive network that provides tools to help women thrive at work and in their lives that gives them a big boost of self confidence and self worth empowering them to take on the challenges that await them. When you have confidence in what you’re wearing, you remind yourself that you possess so many more qualities than you realize and believe that anything is possible and that confidence takes you right into the interview.

Everyone deserves to have all the confidence, empowerment and independence that comes from the feelings of being in the right clothes. It doesn’t belong to a certain size, body type, age, race or anything else.

Discover how you can help make a difference by donating clothes, support the agency financially, become a volunteer or help in other ways.

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